Nobilo: Not Your Average Sauv Blanc

We recently went to the store to pick up a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Knowing we couldn’t go wrong with wines from Marlborough, New Zealand, we picked a random bottle and expected a traditional experience. But this wine – Nobilo Regional Selection – was anything but ordinary!


The difference was noticeable with just one waft. Nobilo has a blossoming nose with full, floral notes. It was deliciously enticing and aromatic. We almost couldn’t stop smelling it to try a taste! (Do they sell this as candles yet? Take our money!)

The taste was just as unique, a delicate balance of citrus with a hint of acid in the finish. While the wine was smooth and light on the pallet, its flavors hold its own. We noticed flavors of pears and oranges, with just a vague hint of something sweeter, like vanilla. It was perfect for a casual glass (or two, or three!).

And to make things even better, we snagged a bottle for just $7.99!

You can find more about the wine here:

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An Accidental Love Affair: Down Under

Have you ever fallen in love at first sip? Well, the Half Past Wine O’clock crew definitely did last week!

Once upon a time… a wine blogger crew discovered a wine promotion:

Whole Foods Supermarkets was (and maybe still is) having a wine promotion where if you purchased 6 bottles you got 10% off! So, of course, we had to check out the selection. Everyone has a process to their work, a little quirk or habit that keeps them going. But few would recommend the wine and work could go together.

Our mission: select white wines that seemed to peak our interest.

We are red wine lovers at heart so we want to branch out and find the white wines we have been waiting for. The selection of white wines to choose from could have kept us there all day. Luckily the hand of fate stepped in and a simple bottle from New Zealand caught our eye.

Photo Sep 09, 6 18 37 PM Photo Sep 09, 6 18 33 PM

Kato – the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014

“Kato” –  meaning ‘to harvest’ in Māori – is a smooth, tropical fruit scented, light-medium bodied wine with a refreshing lemon finish that was not overpowering or sour (as some wines can be). With an alcohol percentage at 12.5%, the wine was crisp but did not burn after drinking. The well-rounded flavor made the wine great to drink on its own and, we discovered, able to pair well with many different foods.

Foods we grabbed from the Whole Foods Lunch bar/ cooked at home:

  1. Baked chicken with mashed potatoes and assorted vegetables
  2. Tofu with green beans, Mexican rice, mac and cheese, and plantains
  3. Chipotle honey salmon with rice and steamed artichokes

This Sauvignon Blanc paired great with each dish and helped to cleanse our palates between bites. The back of the bottle even insists that consumers pair the wine with seafood, pasta, white meats (like chicken) and salads.

We highly recommend it for anyone who is excited to try a New Zealand wine with their lunch or dinner or even to just to drink on its own. Let us know how you feel about this wine! New Zealand calls itself the Sauvignon Blanc capital of the world. Do you agree?

*Fun Fact* 90% of New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs come from the Marlborough region.

We rate this wine:

Kristen: 5

Briana: 5

Paula: 4.5

Average rating of: 4.8

Wine facts from Windows on the World Complete wine course by Kevin Zraly, 30th edition

p.s. We at Half Past Wine O’Clock hope you are enjoying your last days of summer! Shout out to us for any fall wine ideas or locations that you would like us to visit! Cheers!

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