Drinking with a “Sure-Footed” Llama

Ain’t no party like a party with a sure-footed llama – that is, at least, according to Belasco De Baquedana Winery. We can second this, though, and promise that this Argentinian Malbec is more than worth an invite to your next party. In fact, we’d dare to say it’s one of our favorite Malbecs yet.


This wine comes from 100 year-old vines, and has been aged for 6 months in French oak barrels – making this a real old llama. This aging process pays off well: it was like drinking an ancient bottle of smokey grapes. The wine aims to capture Mendoza culture in a sip, in the same way as the “sure-footed llama.”

The Malbec was full-bodied and smokey, yet smooth enough that it went down pretty easily. We also drank it on its own with no problem. 


The llama also has a magical affect: at any gathering he is sure to soothe the minds of guests and bring out their more philosophical side. By the end of the bottle, we’d ran through topics ranging from religion to politics to astronomy to love.

We found this gem at Whole Foods Market for $12.99, coming in at around 14% ABV. For more on the Llama, check out his website.

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