Tilia: A Malbec for any occassion

We’ve all been there: craving a glass or two of red wine after work, but not wanting to crack open that delicious bottle we’ve been saving because we know it’ll go sour after a few days exposed to air. You don’t want to settle for a bad brand just because you won’t feel bad when it turns, but you don’t want to risk spoiling your favorite, either.

Thankfully, Tilia Malbec has us covered.


Tilia has all the basics for a perfect Malbec, and with an affordable price to-boot (ranging from $7.99-9.99). The grapes grown in the world’s Malbec capital (Mendoza, Argentina), and like many Argentinian wines, the bottle comes with a screw cap.

The bonus from that? The wine lasts significantly longer than other red wines, because the re-usable cap prevents air from reaching the wine. This makes Tilia the perfect wine for a casual night during the week; you can have a glass or two by yourself without fearing it’ll spoil by the weekend.

With an aroma bursting with plum, the wine delivers both plum and black cherry flavors. It’s smooth, easy-drinking but holds its own, carrying bold and juicy flavors through to the last sip. It’s great with dinner, or as a solo glass in the evening.

But what’s with the tree, you’re wondering?

The gorgeous design on the bottle is meant to represent a native tree in Mendoza whose leaves make a relaxing herbal tea. The wine makers hope this will relay the Argentinian spirit for hard work and close families.

And the wine is quite relaxing – perfect for a glass or two to take the edge off of a weekday.


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