Patriots Sangria Recipe

Although we review wines from all over the world, we’ll always be New England girls at heart. So it goes without saying that we’ll be rooting for the Pats at the Super Bowl, and we can’t give our full gusto without a good glass of wine! We whipped up a Patriot’s Sangria to celebrate our favorite team and hope our New England readers will enjoy it on game day.

With clear white ice cubs, fresh red raspberries and colorful blueberries, we pay homage to our team’s classic, patriotic colors in this berry sangria:


But enough about colors – let’s talk about how to make it, and the berry-licious taste!


2 bottles of Pinot Noir

1 cup cherry brandy

A splash of soda water

Fresh Raspberries

Fresh Blueberries



The recipe is simple: 

In a pitcher, mix the Pinot Noir and the cherry brandy. Stir and let chill (optional).

When serving, top each glass with a splash of chilled soda water. Add ice and a handful of blueberries and raspberries to capture the Patriot’s color scheme.

Last step: drink up and cheer on our boys!

We hope you  enjoy! GO PATS!



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