Have You Seen the Black Sheep?

You may have heard of Mouton Noir from this little commercial right here…..



Mouton Noir, a garage wine company, was created in 2007 by famous sommelier André Hueston Mack. After working for some of the best restaurants in America like The French Laundry and Per Se, Mack left the food scene to create a ‘black sheep’ wine company that sets itself apart by combining the finer arts of the wine world with the hip hop, skateboard, and punk culture of the 1990s. Garage wine is the industry term for wineries that outsource their grapes for other places (do not grow their own grapes).

Okay, so now you know the company but have you TRIED any of their wine before? We know the bottles may seem like a designer t-shirt but Mack’s years in the wine industry show up in every grape combination. Don’t let the fun labels fool you: Mouton Noir produces very elegant wines.


Kristen came across one of their bottles at work and gives it a bright green light to any deep red wine lovers: Horseshoes and Handgrenades.

mouton_noir_wines_horseshoeshandgrenades 16176790_10211806027172039_865969693_n

Aside from the adorable cork, the reviews online will tell you that the wine is big, cherry-like, leathery, with tar notes. We found this Syrah, Cabernet, and Merlot blend to be fruity, chocolate notes on the nose and finish, and easy to drink yet it still had that signature spice or bite from the Syrah. It’s an exciting wine to try for those of you getting into the big bad red wine scene.

We promise its unlike other red blend you have tried in the past. We recommend drinking it alone to start and then have fun with pairings afterwards so you get the full affect. Remember with bold reds that a little time to breath goes a long way so let the bottle air out for a while before drinking. Mack says “Think cherry pits and leather whips!”

For more information about this amazing wine company check out their website! You might even want to buy one of their killer wine nerd t-shirts while you’re there.


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