Holiday Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide

We know the major holiday season is on its way, with Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa all falling on the same week this year. Don’t panic: we have created an easy cheese and snack pairing guide to help you this season!

White Wine:

**Quick Tip:

Acidic wines ⇒ fresh cheese

full body wine ⇒ hard, chewy, bloomy cheese

sweet wines ⇒ strong or spicy cheese.


Prosecco or Champagne ⇒ Asiago, Parmesan, Camembert


Light, Acidic, Floral:

Sauvignon Blanc ⇒ Goat cheese, Chevre, Mozzarella,

Riesling (dry) ⇒ fondue, creamy blue cheese

Pinot Grigio/Gris ⇒Ricotta, feta, burrata

Medium to Full Body:

Chardonnay ⇒ Brie, Humbolt Fog, funky cow’s milk cheeses

Humbolt Fog

Viognier ⇒ Comte, Farmer’s cheese, Baked Brie

Semillon ⇒ Cheddar or Gruyere


Gewurtstraminer ⇒ cream cheese, goat cheese herb roule

Chenin Blanc⇒ Triple Cream, swiss, gruyere

Triple Cream

Moscato/ Muscadet⇒ aged cheddar, gorgonzola

Riesling (sweet) ⇒ creamy blue cheese

Red Wine:

Light body:

Gamay ⇒ Munster, swiss, gruyere

Pinot Noir ⇒ Mahon or manchego

Medium Body:

Cabernet sauvignon ⇒  sharp cheddar , Havarti

Sharp/aged cheddar

Merlot ⇒ gouda

Zinfandal ⇒  pepper jack, smoked cheeses

Heavy body:

Malbec ⇒ spiced cheese, aged manchego

Syrah/Shiraz ⇒ truffle cheese, asiago, parmesan

Truffle cheese and Mahon


What else do I buy?

The ultimate match made in heaven is cheese and fresh grapes. It’s a good idea to have bunches of grapes around for any cheese platter. As for other wingmen, try fruit jams, honey, and lots of different crackers. Heating up cheeses like for baked brie is guaranteed to please. You may even want to make two.



If you still have no idea or can’t track down some of the cheeses we listed, trust the quick note above! Simply pick a cheese that can handle the intensity of the wine. Mild cheeses will taste like nothing next to a strong wine.

Good luck and get cheesy!




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