9 Thoughts You Have at Wine Tasting

“I’m definitely going to break all this glass”

Walking into a winery tasting room – especially one with lots of shelves – can be a bit terrifying, especially if you have a big purse or an empty, burlap wine bag in tow. You want to look at everything, so you walk around with your arms close to your sides and stand a few feet back from displays, squinting at the labels. Maybe after you taste a few wines, you’ll have the courage to pick up the glass yourself.


“The person pouring my wine is my new best friend”

One of the best parts of visiting local wineries is meeting and learning from the brilliant men and women who work there! They’re the experts in these particular wines, and love sharing them with others. Don’t be shy – this is your chance to ask questions and show your genuine interest in the winery’s history, production, and varietals.


“Am I drinking too early for a Tuesday?”

Most tasting rooms aren’t open past 5pm, so you have to get your day drinking on if you want to visit a winery. If you took the day off for the trip, you’ve definitely got a great start to your day! If you have work later…best of luck. We know your pain.

“The guy next to me knows nothing about wine”

There’s always that group a few seats down at the tasting bar that you can’t help but overhear and slightly judge. Have they ever been to a tasting before? Why are they downing the samples so fast? This isn’t a bar, people. It doesn’t help that you’re jealous of any second of attention the pourer gives them (you need your wine, okay?)

Bonus if they share tasting notes that totally contradict yours.

“Maybe I don’t know anything about wine, either”

It’s not easy sharing your own wine notes when talking to the experts who work at the winery and taste these bottles every week. What if you note a bit of oakiness and they have to politely tell you it was fermented in steel tanks? Or maybe you completely butcher the pronunciation of a varietal, and mix up two of the wines you tasted while comparing them? Suddenly you’re not judging the other tasters quite as much…

“Fruit wine is my new favorite thing”

If you’re not from New York, Oregon or California, chances are your wineries have some fruit-based wines on their shelves. It’s a great taste of local culture and definitely a nice surprise on the pallet! Never underestimate the quirkier varietals the tasting room offers.



“How much are they legally allowed to serve?”

You stand up to go back to the store and snag your favorite bottles, and suddenly the effects of your day drinking crash down on you. You try to add up the samples in your mind, counting how many glasses that comes to. But you’re sure as hell not complaining; you’re grateful for the generous pourer!

“Can I actually afford a whole bottle?”

You’ve got your buzz on and you’re roaming the store now, trying to remember which wines were your favorites as you select some for checkout. But the numbers aren’t always pretty, especially for small wineries with limited distribution. You loved all the bottles and wish you could take the whole place home. But depending on your buzz, you’re not going home with much (this time!)


“I need to plan my next tasting ASAP”

If you’re anything like us, each wine tasting leaves you craving for more! Go out and support your local wineries; not only is it a delicious blast, but we promise you’ll meet fun, smart, wine lovers along the way!




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