No One is Smoother than Michael David

Sometimes, nothing says it better than a cliche – and with Michael David Winery’s Ancient Vine Cinsault, there’s no better description than “smooth as silk.” This red wine is lighter bodied than most and is easy drinking – almost too easy drinking. We drank half the bottle just taking tasting notes alone, with absolutely no difficulty (or food needed!)


The wine boasts plum flavors, but not the plummy jam tastes you get from a Syrah. Michael David’s Cinsault offers flavors of freshly picked plums and finishes on a slightly acidic note, causing a vague tingle on the tongue towards the end of a sip.


It’s also interesting to note the smell of toast that lingers strongly on the cork and vaguely in the glass after the wine has breathed.

The 2014 vintage was part of a small production that we hear is not normally offered in the Michael David tasting room. The new vintage became available this fall and we highly recommend you track down a bottle for your thanksgiving table. Maybe two if you drink like we do! Use the Michael David ‘Find Our Wines‘ page to help track down their wines using your zip code!

Drink up Wineos!

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