Wine Pairing for Debate #3: Great American Zinfandel

After months of political  insanity, it’s not easy to feel patriotic. Thankfully, a bottle of The Great American Wine: Zinfandel has all the patriotism you’ll need to get through Presidential Debate #3.


There are a slew of drinking games surrounding the debates, as well as Tweets calling for a a glass of wine to survive the 90 minutes. With a title boasting to be “The Great American Wine” and a star-spangled bottle design, this wine just might do the trick!
While the debate itself can be zingy and spicy  – perhaps even difficult to swallow – this Zinfandel is smooth and jammy with ripe flavors of plum. This 2013 red has another bonus: with each bottle sold, the winery donates to veteran’s organizations!

Ranging between $6.99-12.99, you should be able to snag a bottle at your local liquor store!
We at half past love you all and humbly remind you to vote on November 8th.

United We Stand.



Featured image: Los Angeles Times

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