A Broke Girl’s Guide to Revamping Cheap Wine


Alcohol is expensive, and you can’t always guess if you’ll love a wine or not until after you’ve paid for it and had a glass. And if you’re dedicating your entire splurge fund to this weekend’s bottle, you can’t just dump it out if it’s not the right taste for you. So what do you do with the wine that just doesn’t cut it?

Don’t worry – we got you! Here’s a few cheap tricks to help spice up that free bottle from a friend, or the one with the misleading label, that isn’t a stand up kind of wine.



Sparklers – Mix me with Soda!

Try grabbing a soda, like Sprite or raspberry ginger-ale and mixing in with your wine. This works great with super acidic wines. Who doesn’t like bubbles?

Mulled wine – Spice it up!

Throw the wine on the stove with spices like cinnamon sticks and cloves and add some orange peels. Next, let is simmer on low for a half hour on the stove to infuse the flavors. Most of us don’t have cinna sticks on hand, so stock up on a cheap bottle of ‘mulling spices’ from the grocery store!

Flavor your Dinner – Throw that wine in a frying pan!

Luckily even bad wine is GREAT for cooking. Leave the bottle out on the counter with a wine stopper and just add it to your pan as you cook dinner that week. Wine sauce works with literally everything. Wine will ‘deglaze’ a pan, which means it prevents things for sticking and makes a sauce out of the meat or veggie juices. Check out some pinterest recipes to get inspiration or get creative and just go for it!

Wine Slushies – Frosé that bad boy.

Grab some ice, fruit, the wine, and a shot or two of harder alcohol. Blend, taste, and adjust the flavor as you like. BOOM: wine slushies. Try some apple cider wine slushies for the fall!


Make a cocktail!

Buy some flavored nips or use whatever you have lying around and bring your wine to the cocktail lab. It’s fun discovering new drinks while just experimenting in the kitchen with juices, simple syrup, and maybe some fireball?

Bake with it! – wait what?

No really! Pour some red wine into brownie mix or add that white wine to some melting cheese for fondue. The recipes are all over the internet don’t worry!

Frozen Floats – Pop those bubbles

So you may have seen our facebook post about gelato, bubbly mosato, and some strawberries, if you didn’t, go find it because it’s delicious. Go crazy with the combinations! Take the stone dry champagne and sweeten it up with sherbet and fresh fruit!


Finally, the Classic: Make Sangria

Sangria was literally invented by the Spanish to use old wine and turned into the most famous party drink. Sometimes the classics are the best way to go when all else fails so check out our Sangria 101 post for some beginner tips!

We hope these tips help you to better afford your wineo lifestyle and maybe help you invent the next drink of choice!



Feature Image credit  – Robbie McConnell

New Girl GIF image credit – eonline.com

Blender GIF image credit – popkey

Poehler/Fey GIF image credit – cookiesandsangria.com


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