Introducing Contour, Millennials Wanted!

Hey wineos!

We have such great news and an uplifting story to tell you about. Our Chief Wineo Kristen, yours truly, has landed a job at a local wine shop to further her career in wine! Check out the Masthead for the shop name.

Through this job, I was able to meet the man behind the new wine brand Contour Pinot Noir, Justin Shaw. Why does that brand sound familiar? Remember this?


For those of you who went to Wine Riot or read our post about the event, you may recognize this label. Contour was the top rated wine as voted by rioters all weekend long. That’s a MAJOR success for the new brand. Shaw tells us that he hopes the marketing success at Wine Riot will welcome our generation into the wine world. The Wine Riot proved that millennials aren’t just paying attention to free booze and cute tote bags, we know how to pick good wines from the bad.


So, obviously we still loved the free merch and I used my Contour wine bag long past the Wine Riot. When Shaw came to visit the shop, I proudly showed off my well worn Contour bag as proof of support for the label. Shaw was shocked and excited over the brand awareness and we quickly started talking about the major role millennials play when in spreading awareness of great wine.

Shaw offered me his professional Contour vendor bag in gratitude for the support of the brand. I still shake in excitement when I recount the story! It was like my version of meeting a celebrity.


Okay, so HOW is Contour getting us millennials involved? Well first of all, they thought of us when it came to pricing. Contour was literally invented because the world is in need of an affordable pinot noir.  Granted, there are cheap ones on the shelves already, but this pinot is this one different. For the love of all things grape, Contour aimed to make a great wine and a great price. Briana and I tasted it again after the riot to make sure. Its a middle of the road pinot. It’s not too sweet or overly fruity, it has a medium body so its not red water, and it has a unique tang that makes it original.

Let me take you through the tasting. At first, I swear you will smell mocha or chocolate covered espresso beans in the glass before you taste. Then its like juicy cherries and velvet before it changes to orangy citrus tang as you swallow with a lingering finish. It’s definitely easy drinking and will please any pinot noir fan. It can now be found at more locations across the east coast including Boston and the Northshore. The wine comes in at an average of $14 to $16 dollars a bottle. And did we mention it’s got a twist cap?


Moral of the story is that millennials like us need to know our worth. You – yes we’re talking to you – are already making a huge impact on the wine industry. Many companies like Contour are reaching out and taking the time to teach us about wine. It’s no longer the intimidating, snobbish, white table cloth kind of industry anymore, and brands like this need your help at spreading the word. We can’t stress enough that if you fall in love with a wine, don’t forget to support it. It’s finally time for the wine that loves you back!


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