David’s Tea Sangria – Summer Sangria Series #3


Hey Wineos! We hope that you are enjoying your summer so far! We are proud to present another Half-Past Summer Sangria Series recipe, this time inspired from Davids Tea Goji Pop Sangria.

We call ours:

Magic Dragon Sangria (David’s Tea)

*makes 6 solo cup size glasses*


16 “perfect spoonfuls” of Magic Dragon herbal tea from David’s Tea – we bought 2 oz of tea which was more than enough so we suggest 1.5oz 


4.5 cups of hot water 

2 cups Stemmari Moscato (or Moscato of your choice)


1 shot of Blackberry Liquor 


5 oz Bacardi White Rum


3 Clementines 

1 Pink Lady Apple 


  1. Divide 2 of the 3 clementines into sections and freeze pieces in Ziplock bags. 13595614_10209868728420781_8198027_n
  2. Bring water to almost boil and add tea- let steep until room temperature
  3. Pour wine, rum, liquor and into a pitcher
  4. Pour steeping tea into pitcher but DO NOT strain the loose tea out!
  5. Divide the last clementine into smaller pieces, slice apple into small pieces and add both to pitcher. 13624876_10209868728540784_552935729_n
  6. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, leaving the loose tea inside pitcher
  7. When ready to serve, Pour sangria through a tea strainer for each glass then add frozen Clementine pieces to act as ice cubes. **If you own a David’s Tea Pitcher that has a tea strainer built in then make the whole sangria using their pitcher.** 13617952_10209868728460782_1147795539_n
  8. ENJOY!!


David’s Tea Logo Image Credit @ laurenmarinigh.com

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