Skipping Stone White: A New England Must-Have

I happened upon Skipping Stone White at Pamplemousse’s spring wine tasting in Reading, MA. It awaited me at the last tasting table and immediately proved itself to be the best white of the day. I didn’t hesitate to order a bottle, and merely had to hold myself back from buying two (or three, or four or five!)


It’s hard to explain this wine past simply saying that everything in it is just right, the kind of wine Goldilocks would only find on the third try. The wine hails from Greenvale Vineyards in Rhode Island, and boasts of crisp tastes and floral hints. It’s smooth, easy-drinking with just enough body to distinguish it without overbearing.


The wine consists of 90% Cayuga and 10% Vidal Blanc, two grapes local to the Northeastern region of America. The vineyard takes great pride in this – and the fact that these local grapes produce their best-selling wine!

At around $12.99-$14.99, it’s a fair price for a perfect bottle.


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