How Low Can You Go – Cheap Whites

So we found you the best cheap reds under $10, but what about whites?  We find it a lot easier to find good cheap whites than reds or rosés. Mainly because white wines are more flexible with production. Good reds or even roses can take a long time to macerate/age before they are considered “drinkable” but white wines can have shorter production times which means less money on the price tag but not necessarily less quality.

But that doesn’t mean all cheap whites are good. Don’t worry, reader – we’ve done the hard work of taste-testing several inexpensive whites. Here are popular, low-cost whites and whether or not they’re worth a shot!

Avia Pinot Grigio – $4.99


This is our favorite cheap white yet! It’s a great table wine and is a popular low-cost choice at restaurants.

The wine is smooth on the palate with crisp apple tastes but none of the tartness that can make a Pinot too powerful for casual drinking. We highly recommend it; definitely a great white to have on store for guests or back-up for a dinner.

Tip: While we’re in love with Avia’s Pinot Grigio, but we’d strongly suggest avoiding the Pinot Noir.

El Sancho Escudero White Blend – $4.99


Found this one at Whole Foods and figured it was worth a shot. Unfortunately…it wasn’t even worth finishing the bottle.

Despite a beautiful nose and color, the wine tasted like lemon-infused water. I managed one glass but had to discard of the rest of it. Wasn’t worth the calories or the pain it placed on my palate.

Stemmari Moscato – $6.99


Discovered at Kappy’s Liquors produced in sunny Sicily! So it’s  easily found and from a reputable wi making country!

This spritzy (yes it’s got tiny bubbles!) white wine was refreshing, sweet, and light on the palate despite the sweetness. It tastes like white peaches and lychee fruit got together and wanted to be like Champagne. PERFECT summer chilled wine on a budget. I even cooked with it and it creates an AMAZING sweet wine sauce for sautéed scallops.

Three Buck Chuck – $2.99 


This famous Trader Joes brand portfolio covers many different varieties all at affordable prices. I randomly grabbed the Chardonnay to try for this post’s purposes since I’m always on the look out for a good one.

I was a bit surprised and confused by the result. If you love Pinot Gris then this wine is for you. It was acidic, medium bodied, and almost lemon like. It was as if the two grapes tried to have a love child. Buttery lemons would be this wine’s new name. I leave this wine up to your palate for critiquing because mine was very confused.

Bogle Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc – $7.99


Trusting a Bogle brand wine seems easy because their label is seen everywhere. This bottle comes specially from Trader Joes but you can find it at almost any liquor store. I, however, was hesitant since a well-known label doesn’t always mean great product.

My fears were put to rest the minute I opened the bottle (screw top yay!). The aroma was beautiful, floral, and smelled like fresh-cut pears. The taste was perfect for me who enjoys the tang of the grape but prefers a slight sweet to help cut the acidity. This Sav Blanc tasted like green apples with a slight hint of pear juice. The acidity has a bite of fresh lemon or lime but not enough that it has you running for a glass of water. I most definitely recommend this affordable white for you!

Steeple Jack Chardonnay – $6.99


We’ve written about this gem before! We found it at Whole Foods and were attracted to the unwooded chardonnay, preferring the less buttery taste in steel barrel fermentation.

From a family owned vineyard, the wine boasts of its fruitful tastes on the back of the bottle. It lived up to expectation, pleasing our palates with hints of peaches and citrus.

The Curator White Blend – $7.99


Found at Whole Foods, this South African white blend does the job of a decent white without exactly wow-ing the drinker. With a lighter body and a subtle taste, there’s nothing in particular about this wine that stands out. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing; while the wine doesn’t have many memorable qualities, it was a bottle worth finishing, though perhaps not buying again.

While we wouldn’t recommend this wine, it’s not a bad choice, either, and will certainly do the trick!

Do you have any favorite cheap whites, or any you’d like to warn others against? Feel free to comment below!


Image Credit Avia 

Image Credit The Curator



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