Isn’t This Dandy: Greenpoint’s Wine Shop

On Franklin St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn lies a hidden gem well-known to the locals: the Dandelion Wine Shop.

I found myself at “Dandy” after my roommate’s wine opener failed me – and the one after that, and the one after that (I just don’t have the grip to yank a tough cork out with a weak corkscrew, okay?) I would be staying in Brooklyn for a few more weeks and needed some screw-cap wines to hold me over until then – especially since buying a glass out in NYC costs as much as buying a decent bottle at home (Boston).


This small yet fully-stocked shop offers an expansive display of wines ranging from $10-and up. The store separates its products from French, Italian, to “New World,” with pre-cooled wines offered in a clear-glass cooler. After browsing for a few minutes, I managed to find a red and white wine within my price range ($10-$13) and with a screw cap. It wasn’t particularly easy, as most French and Italian wines use traditional corks and Dandy’s prices range up to the higher side. However, I was satisfied with what I found.

Dandelion Wine’s Tastings

Dandy is well-known for its Thursday wine tastings. So when I heard it was a Rosé day down at Dandy, I had to make my way to the shop right after work.

The Dandelion Wine tasting experience is not for a wino looking for a traditional tasting. The store fills up fast and it’s impossible to tell who’s pouring and where the wine is coming from. I pushed through the crowd and found my way to the back, where an un-manned station sat with empty cups and a half-full bottle.


This tasting is just dandy (yes, I went there) if you’re looking to sample a free glass and browse, or chat with fellow wine lovers! Not so much if you’re looking to talk to a pour-er about the wine, its history/origin/varietal/vintage/etc.

Your best bet is to find a spot in the store and camp out with some friends- it can be a bit crowded, so save your browsing of this adorable shop for another day!

Summer Water – The Featured Rosé

Summer Water is a light-bodied, dry rosé from California with hints of strawberry and with a short finish. Oh, and an amazing marketing team! This video had us laughing:

The wine is meant to be paired with – you guessed it – a nice hot summer day. It’s light and refreshing taste screams for the beach or your next day lounging on the grass. And it basically is water, so it’ll go down easy in the heat.

Coming in at around $20, this wine is only sold in select Northeast Stores (Dandy being one of few) and NY restaurant taps. It’s a good rosé for a beginner looking to move from sweeter pinks into a more traditional, dry taste.

My fave from the shop: Reunión Malbec

Screw cap? Check. Under $13? Check. An Argentian Malbec? Even better.

With this wine I benefited from Argentina’s low-profile as wine-makers. While France and Italy are associated with wine, Argentina doesn’t get the credit is deserves – which means the price tag is lower for a wine that is often times better than a more expensive one from an established country.


Reunion pleased my palate with deep, fruity flavors and bursts of dark berries. With mature tannins and a long, full-bodied finish, it’s a wine that keeps on giving and can be paired and shared with most foods.


Definitely hit this wine shop out if you are ever in NYC!

Cheers Wineos!


All images belong to HalfPast, Dandelion Wine, Source 1 and Source 2

2 thoughts on “Isn’t This Dandy: Greenpoint’s Wine Shop

  1. Hi Briana! Thank you so much for visiting the shop and writing about us! We are so flattered! We hope you’ll visit us at future Thursday night tastings (and introduce yourself!) The rosé tasting you attended is a once-a-year party we throw to celebrate the season with our friends from Yes Way Rosé and it’s a pretty festive and wild affair. On normal Thursdays 6:30-8:30, we have knowledgeable pourers pourin’, cheese and bread from local purveyors, and real glassware!!! It’s still a party, but also a great chance to taste 3-4 interesting bottles from our shelves and learn a little! Cheers!!! ❤ Love, Dandy


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