Cinco de Wineo

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Now we know this holiday is mainly for our tequila lovers and margarita mamas – but we have a few fun ideas to help us wineos get into the party.

DIY Mexican Fiesta

  1. Sangria Margaritas! 


Courtesy of CHRISTINA LANE at

Get the recipe here!

2) White Wine Margaritas 


Recipe from Tammilee at

Get it here!

3) Champagne Ritas! 


Courtesy of Tracey at

Get the recipe here! 

Mayo Munchies!

OKAY in Kristen’s humble opinion EVERY celebration needs some kind of dip so here’s our fav go-to wine munchie dip


1) Kristen’s Easy Taco Dip 

1 bar of Philadelphia brand cream cheese

1 can of black pitted olives (cut the olives in half)

1 jar of medium “On the Border Cantina Style” salsa

1 bag of shredded mexican blend cheese

*optional 1 can of refried beans

In a baking dish, spread the cream cheese into an even layer on the bottom of the pan with a spatula. Then simply layer the beans, salsa, cheese and finally olives in that order. Then heat the dip in the over @ 375 F until the cheese melts. GRAB the Tortilla chips because this dip goes FAST

2) Spiced Mexican Brownies! 


Grab this recipe from Anna at

3) Angel Food Cake Churro Bites! 


Check out the recipe here!

Wineo Tips!

  • Stereotypically Mexican food is known for its kick of spices so to combat that party in your mouth grab a sweet wine! (Wait what?) No really! Sweet wines like Moscato, Late harvest wines, German Riesling, California Roses, Lambrusco, or even Prosecco go GREAT with spicy foods.


  • Cheesy and rich foods are also the center of attention at any party. To wipe those flavors off your palate don’t forget that an acidic or tart wine would be your savior! Reach for that Sauv Blanc, pinot gris, or even a young pinot noir!


  • Mexico Represent! Jump into the adventure and try some Mexican grown wines with grape varieties like Tempranillo and Nebbiolo! (These grapes are also grown in other countries too) Look for Baja wine country or Guadalupe Valley on the labels. Check out Wine Enthusiast’s article all about the Mexican Wine Revolution!! 


Bottoms up wineos!!






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