Wine Riot

This weekend, the gals from Half-Past took on Boston Wine Riot – a wine-licious yet totally different event than the Boston Wine Expo.


What is Wine Riot?

We say it’s a giant wine party with a little knowledge thrown in!


What does my ticket price pay for?

Your ticket price ($65) covers all of the wine tastings, a plastic tasting glass, a few free giveaways from vendors, and a few free snacks.


When can I Riot?

The Half-past team went to the spring riot Boston (April 22 – 23) BUT there is a fall riot coming up in October! Check out the Website for more details! In addition, Wine Riot happens this year in New York City and Chicago!

What happens at the Riot?



You get to taste over 250 different wines from all over the world as much as you like! wine tables are broken down by different country, style of wine, or some vineyards came to represent themselves. All of the tables had maps or signs showing off wine knowledge and locations of the wines you were tasting.

Bubbly Bar

Try sparkling wines from all around the world and grab some facts on each one. Toast the night!

Wine Tattoos!

Show some skin on riot night – you’ll  need space for all of the wine tattoos! Don’t worry – they wash off eventually! If you missed any epic tattoos, don’t freak because the wine riot shop sells them online.

Wine Postcards

Send your friends a tipsy post card to remember your night. The Riot covers the postage!

Glass Decorating

Use chalk pens to label your drinking glass. This comes in really handy if you ever need to put your glass down. Watch out, though – the chalk paint will rub off!

Photo Booth

Take professional photos with epic wine props! You can have the photos printed right there for a cash charge or have them emailed to you/posted to social media.

Crash Courses

Check out the quick courses on different wine topics! We attended “Rosé All Day: and got to try rosés from around the world along with “Going Big, Syrah around the World.” These courses are great for trying new wines and filled with helpful information. We can promise that they aren’t a snoozefest!

Riot Store

Stop by the riot store table to buy t-shirts, tattoos to bring home, water bottles, bags and more!

Half-Past Riot Tips

  1. This event was at the Castle at Park Plaza. It was great but beware the sobriety test on the way to the restrooms. These spiral stairs could end up cutting your night short if you take a wrong step!


    2) Not all the food is free! Many of the food stands asked for a fee (under $10) to taste their fab creations. However, if you walk the whole event there are free snacks floating around like popcorn, cheese, chips, and coconut water samples. We caved in and bought some grilled cheese from Roxy’s.

    3) Download the App! Second Glass (the company who runs the riot) have an App that tells you everything. It tracks the wine you like, lists all the courses, and even has a notes option so you can write reminders for yourself. You can even buy the wines you liked on it!


Spotlight on great wines

Contour Pinot Noir – This Pinot was light yet flavorful and could pair well with almost any food. This would be perfect to bring to a party or to keep at home in your stash.

Lila Rosé – We typically aren’t advocates of canned wine, not because we’re above cans, but because of the metallic taste that often infiltrates the natural wine flavors during storage. But Lila’s canned Rosé  has a special lining on the inside that protects the wine from that alluminum taste, making this the perfect wine to “crack open” on the beach. Not only is it super portable, but it looks like you’re drinking an energy drink – which helps if you live near alcohol-free beaches (not that we advocate breaking the law! Or do we…?)


Wilding – The Australia table had some major over-pourers, but we drank the full serving of this Australian Red blend. No sip and dump for us with this – it was worth every sip! Fruity and flavor-forward, this red holds its own without being too heavy.

Westport Rivers – We didn’t think a great Massachusetts winery had slipped through out radar until we met the fantastic ladies from Westport Winery. We tried four different whites (two bubbly!) and were blown away by each one. Look forward to a future post featuring this Southern Mass winery!

More Rosés – This was a night of winning rosés! Gris Blanc was our favorite rosé from the feature panel, and a very authentic and yummy pink! Relax had a kick of sweetness, and is a perfect summer wine for you and your friends. Penada was an all-around favorite of the Riot, featured at several different tables. And last, a bubbly pink we can’t help but rave about – Freixenet from Spain.


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