Forget Red vs White – BLUE!

The Half Past team discovered a hidden gem at the liquor store a few weeks ago that we just HAD to try for you.

We are pretty frequent wine shoppers, so we always make a point to check out the latest in sparkling or bubbly wines. Imagine our surprise when we saw this waiting for us in the aisle!


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a BLUE sparkling wine from the sunny state of CA. This bottle promotes itself as being the ‘first blue grape wine’ made from white grapes and a hint of blueberry juice – hence the creative name ‘Blanc de Blue.’

So it’s blue and bubbly, but what does it taste like?

To be honest, we were a bit shocked by the result. We were expecting a sweet blueberry bubbly. Instead, we encountered a French dry style sparkling wine with a slight afternote of blueberry. Looks are deceiving with this bottle, which explains the slightly higher price point of around $15 a bottle.


Just a brief glimpse at the company website reveals that their target audience is weddings and classic white table cloth events.  However, the Half-Past team thought that this would be better suited for a baby gender reveal party. What better way to choose Team Blue or Team Pink than with bubbly blue and pink wine?

To get more specific information about the wine making process and where to buy this wine check out the website.


Happy Sipping!




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