Winescopes -Pick wine by your sign





You just got back after an exhausting day at work, and the last thing you need is a night out surrounded by even more obnoxious strangers. You’re independent by nature, and don’t mind the idea of a night-in with Netflix and a tall glass of wine. Try a smooth, soft white that can soothe your nerves after a long day!

We recommend: A Chenin Blanc or Semillon



Perfect combination for a Pisces: a nice venting session with a bottle of sweet, fruity wine! Get together your drinking buds, because you’ll want to share your stories and bottles tonight. We recommend fellow water signs, Scorpio and Cancer, for your drinking company. 

We recommend: A sweet red from a local vineyard, or a fruity Zinfandel 



You need a wine to match your feisty spirit! You don’t have time for pale whites and sweet reds. You need a bold and bright wine that can hold its own against your spicy personality! Bring in friends with equal gusto, like Leo and Sagittarius, and get your drink on!

We recommend: A Cabernet Sauvignon or a Malbec



You’re not about the wines with the fanciest labels and highest awards. You just want a good, affordable wine that gets the job done. Find a common brand wine in your favorite varietal, and stick to that; there’s no shame in keeping it simple!

We recommend: Common, affordable (yet tasty!) brands like Robert Mondavi. Perhaps a Gamay or a Pinot Gris.



We know what you’re thinking. We’re going to tell you to go for a Merlot/Cab Sav blend to encapsulate the image of the twins. But we know you better than that, Gemini! What you need is a soft wine with a light flavor to please your pallet. The last thing you need is a complicated wine that will confuse your taste buds!

We recommend: A fresh, chilled New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or classic Pinot Noir



Cancer, we know you don’t want to go out and slam back the cocktails tonight. It’s time to settle in to your favorite spot on the couch, pull up a cozy blanket, and sip your favorite red. You’ll do best with a warm, comforting red or – if you’re feeling adventurous – a sweet white wine. If you want to be social, we’d recommend sticking with your fellow water signs (Pisces and Scorpio). They’ll be up to your relaxing night in!

We recommend: An Argentinian Merlot or an Italian Moscato



You’re bubbling with personality, so your wine should, too! Embrace your desire for charm and pzazz, and go for that bubbly wine! If we know you as well as we think we do, then you won’t want to be drinking alone. Invite your friends Aries and Sagittarius to share that bubbly or, if you’re looking something that’ll give you that warm and fuzzy feeling you love, a nice spicy red!

We recommend: A Prosecco or South African Shiraz



You don’t want your wines to mess around. You want direct labels that tell you what your wine is about – extra points if it’s organic or local! Keep it in your budget, and stick to the fresh, earthy and crisp wines.

We recommend: A nice Sauvignon Blanc or an oaked Chardonnay



You love the outdoors, and you want your wine to respect that. Why not check out the organic wines section of your local specialty grocer? If you’re not looking for anything fancy, stick to the sweet, gentle wines with floral aromas. And don’t forget to invite Gemini and Aquarius! They’ll be your perfect drinking buddies.

We recommend: Gewurztraminer or German Riesling



You’re the toughest of the water signs, and so if your pallet! Pisces and Cancer might be sipping the fruity wines, but you should be sure to mix up the night with a bolder wine with intense, rich flavors. Try dark reds, and make sure that the varietal matches the region! You want the best of the best.

We recommend: An English Claret or Australian Shiraz



The world is your oyster, so find the pearls of the wine world! Try out wines from countries you don’t associate with wine, or different varietals your drinking friends (Aries and Leo) don’t usually bring to your wine nights.

We recommend: Worldly unique wines like Austrian Gruner Veltliner or Portuguese Tempranillo.



You’re in charge of picking out a wine for your family dinner, and you always want to please the ones you love! Keep it strong and classic, Capricorn: you value tradition, so a French wine or a table wine would work perfectly for you.

We recommend: Classic French GSM blend or the white French Marsanne Blend


Feature image credit Stephen Cruickshank


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