10 Reds Under $10

So you love red wine, but can’t stand the taste of super-cheap reds. Inexpensive reds can be too sweet or too smokey – sometimes, even have a strange, almost gravely texture. While cheap whites and pinks seem easier to find, a good, affordable red can be a bit trickier.

Fear not! We at Half-Past have suffered through all the bad cheap reds to find the ones worthy of your palate! So no need to choose between filling your gas tank or spoiling yourself with a decent red – we’ve got a list that will please your taste buds without breaking your bank!

1. Apothic Red ($8.99-$9.99)

We will eternally swear by this red. It’s the perfect price for a quality, simple red blend. Dark and fruity, this drink is easy on the pallet with hints of berry and hazelnut. It’s a must-have for parties, nights in and any treat-yo-self evening!

Can be found: At just about any liquor store


2. Belle Ambiance ($7.99-$9.99)

Belle Ambiance comes in two great red flavors: Pinot Noir and Red Blend. We prefer the Red Blend, and have written about it in the past. Bold yet smooth, it’s sure to stir your creativity, while being delicious all the while!


Can be found: At a fair number of liquor stores, or at Whole Foods

3. Koonunga Hill ($8.99-up)

Kristen will drink this one like water! It’s a fave of Half-Past, and sure to be one of yours, too! Spicy yet smooth, fruity and fresh, we highly recommend the blends of this Australian vineyard. Our favorites are the Shiraz and the Cab-Shiraz. Be warned, though: if you don’t buy from the correct “bin,” you could be getting a more expensive wine! Koonuga has large vineyards, and very small ones. The grapes from the small bins are significantly more expensive than the larger ones.

Can be found: At most Kappy’s and Trader Joe’s



4. Black Opal ($7.99-$9.99)

A common wine from Australia, Black Opal can be found just about anywhere. These wines are typically inexpensive and are great for any casual night in or large party. The Cab-Shiraz is a fave of ours, and easy to drink! They’re not our absolute favorite, but they’re definitely worth the purchase!

Can be found: At most liquor stores


5. New Age ($9.99)

If you’ve followed us for long, you know we’re huge fans of this wine from Argentina. The New Age red is low in alcohol content, and just fruity and sweet enough to please the palate of wine-drinkers and casual drinkers alike. We’d buy this by the case if we could!

Can be found: At some Kappy’s and Pamplemousse (it’s unfortunately pretty rare, especially compared to the white wine)

NEW_New Age Red Bottle-web

6. Yellow-Tail Bubbly Sangria ($8.99-up)

So, this wine attacked us once. Lucky for Yellow-Tail, it was so delicious we forgave it. The cork may be a bit of a pain, but it’s worth it for the wine’s amazing flavors and bubbles. This is our favorite red offered by Yellow-Tail: no one does bubbly sangria better!


Can be found: Anywhere that sells alcohol

7. 14 Hands ($9.99)

This brand is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason! It’s white wine proved to be a perfect dinner pairing, and the red hasn’t failed us yet, either! It’s easy to find, and easy to drink. Definitely worth the price.

Can be found: At most liquor stores


8. Le Grande Black Sheep Pinot Noir ($9.99)

Briana can not say enough about this one! It’s near-impossible to find a cheap, good Pinot Noir. Most of the best of this varietal are around $20-25! But this Pinot comes in at just under $10, and still holds its own against those twice its price. It’s a perfect color, perfect taste…plus, it has an adorable sheep on the front. Who can beat that?


Can be found: At Kappy’s

9. Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz ($8.99-$9.99)

The name says it all: jammy and sweet! Perfect when you’re looking for the depth of the Shiraz grape with a little bit more playfulness


Can be found: At many liquor stores and any Kappy’s

10. Headstand Merlot ($6.99)

We just discovered this at a wine tasting this very week! This Merlot was pretty light – both in color and substance. But it worked very well, and could be paired with food or the simple desire to drink itself!

Can be found: At Kappy’s



Apothic Red Image from liquorliquidator.com

New Age Image from Quintessential Wines

14 Hands Image from winesearcher.com

Black Opal Image from thewinebuyer.com








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