Home grown- MA grapes at Mill River


If you have read our previous post about this amazing MA local winery then you already know about our friends at Mill River Winery. The Half-Past team stopped in recently to taste the vineyard’s first completely estate grown wine.

Having a little experience with MA grapes, we were honestly not expecting much from this tasting. Our chilly MA climate is not a great home for many grape varieties. However, the young grapes at Mill River definitely changed our mind about the MA grape quality!

We are very happy to announce that the winery’s Frontenac grape variety is not only worth the drive but worth the buy. This bold grape – grown from young, 5-year-old vines – packs a deep fruity punch with a rich medium body. The wine was dry and had an oaky and earthy nose. The Frontenac is currently being sold only by the half bottle for $14.95 but we highly encourage you to check it out. It was love at first sip for us!


Changes by the River

A lot has changed at Mill River recently and we have a few wonderful updates to share with you.

Flights – The wine tasting flight menu has changed since our last visit. The flights are broken down by wine color. They feature a white or a red flight of wine for $7 dollars each or you could go for the ‘premium’ flight like we did which not only features both colors of wine but it shows off their premium wines for $12.


Half-Past loved this wine flight the best so far. We even treated ourselves to a cheese plate ($7). Two of our favorites were the Select Cabernet Sauvignon and the Cabernet/Merlot blend. The Petite Fleur was our favorite white from the Premium list, with a floral scent and a light refreshing test that is perfect for summer.  Be warned, though – Premium tastes mean a Premium price. These bottles average $28-45.

Hours – The hours of the vineyard has changed a bit since December. From the months of January to April the winery is only open on Fridays (11am to 7pm), Saturdays, and Sundays (11am to 6pm). From May to December it reopens Wednesday and Thursday hours.

New events – We were recently invited to attend one of many events hosted by the winery. We had no idea they had so many! Check out their event schedule for more details. Coming up this weekend is their gourmet doughnut and wine pairing event and the following weekend is the series finale Downton Abbey Party. 

Wine Club – Tina, an enthusiastic wine club member, caught up to us during our tasting and told all about the Mill River Wine Club benefits first hand. The wine club doesn’t have a ‘membership fee’ like traditional clubs. How it works is with a one time registration fee of $20 and then you receive 3 bottles of wine picked by the winery four times a year which you are obligated to pay for. These bottle packages range from $35 to $55 each depending on the wines chosen that month.

The benefits of being a member include:

  • 15% discount on wines
  • Invitation to ‘wine club only’ events like their Blending Bash (you mix wines to create your own wine blend and you bring it home)
  • Receiving their wine club newsletter
  • reserved quantities of sold out wines are saved for members (like their rose that we miss so much)
  • Receive ‘Bucket of Fun’ and ‘Wine Club Cuvee’ which are two wine blends available to members only
  • Free glass of wine on Fridays
  • Chance to evaluate new wines before they are released to the public

We hope you take the opportunity to visit this winery on a free weekend! Let us know about your experience and which wines you enjoyed!


*Image Credit from Mill River Winery Facebook Page


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