8 Reasons to Drink Today



Today Feb. 18th 2016 is National Drink Wine Day!!!

Now run to the nearest liquor store, vineyard, classy wine selling establishment, Whole Foods, or to your secret stash and pop a cork!

There are PLENTY of good reasons to have a glass of wine today. In celebration, in memorium, inside me just because, regardless of whatever reason(s) you choose for today, half-past wants to share a few great reasons with you.


1) Wine is HEALTHY for you! (wait whaa?)

NO REALLY. Kristen’s wine class all had to write research papers on the multiple health benefits of wine. Here’s a few fun facts she found.

Wine contains an antioxidant compound called Reservatrol. It’s found in primarily red wine because this compound is found in grape skins. It is a promising compound that has been linked to preventing heart disease, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-viral, and can help prevent cancer. The American Hearth Association still suggests one glass of red wine a day. (Web MD)

Don’t forget the power of Sangria either! Did we mention our friends at Mija?


Mija Sangria is GOOD for you and tastes AMAZING even for your friends who aren’t quite into wine yet. Check out the details that we found on the website: “Mija Sangria is packed with antioxidants – 3 times as many as a glass of red wine – from super fruits like pomegranate, açaí and blood orange. ” 

That’s right folks! This healthy and fabulous sangria can be found at Whole Foods and Wegmans so grab it for tonight!

2) CHEERS to YOU today!

Half Past KNOWS that too many of you are running around not taking the time to celebrate yourself. Raise a glass today just for YOU. We bet that you have accomplished more than you think, probably conquered some demons, maybe are in process of getting somewhere great, or even just survived the day. Who cares! Glasses up to all of you. #selflove.



3) Company is coming…. get the glasses out!

The Half Past ladies are personally having a movie night to celebrate tonight with wine pairing snacks and chocolates. That means company! Who are you with tonight? Chilling with the parents, maybe a significant other, your best friends, working late with some coworkers, you and the dog? If we count correctly that’s more than one person so you OBVIOUSLY need some wine to go around. Spread the love!


4) Sip away the work day

Wine does a great job at helping us forget about our stressful work day or just a stressful day in general. Grab something smooth or maybe a bubbly to get your mood going in a different direction. You conquered today! Take one from Frozen and LET IT GO.


5) Get your game up!

So sometimes a glass or two gives you that confidence you didn’t have 5 minutes ago. That’s fine. We all need a little push to help us talk to that cutie at the other end of the bar. Or maybe you just want some help being a little more like yourself (you know that person you are inside)  Raise ’em up! Go get them!


6) Can’t stop on the clock!

Okay maybe you are a normal person who does have the time to let loose on a Thursday. Which is most people anyways. At least multitask? Work it and celebrate at the same time! One glass won’t stop your work flow especially when you drink it slow. So break time is wine time. Grab a glass to keep you sane for the rest of day.


7) Wine pairs well with everything.. literally.

We don’t care what you are eating or doing tonight for plans. We know there’s a wine that pairs well with it. Check out our post about pairing wine with comfort foods … or with food in general….  As proof that wine goes will with everything, here’s a wine that obviously paired well with Beyonce



 8) No mixers or chasers required.

You need to have a glass tonight to celebrate the fact that wine is ready to drink straight out the bottle. No juice chasers or margarita mixes needed here which means you save money!  Instead of wasting money on juices, coconut cremes, sodas, or little Hawaiian umbrellas, you can save that cash to buy another wonderful bottle of wine. Wine that’s beautiful on it own needs to be tasted. SOON.parttumblr_nj04o19xCw1ql5yr7o1_500

So party hard, winos, whatever your occasion!



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