Once Upon a Vine

It’s Binge TV Show night for the Half Past Duo! This time we chose to do a throwback of one of our favorite series ABC’s Once Upon a Time.  Briana brought the complete first season and we rejoiced with the trip back in time. The characters were all SO young then!



No night in would be complete without the perfect wine. We discovered there was a vineyard out in Sonoma CA that knows a thing or two about fairy tales and magic. Riding in on a pumpkin coach from Faraway Vineyards came these two wines!


A Villainous Zinfandel – 2013 

12511437_10208405764367594_1736090541_oThis wine was like liquidating that perfect apple before the Evil Queen added her poison. It was fruit forward,  medium bodied, and probably one of the juiciest wines we’ve ever had. It also had the aftertaste of luscious ripe berries and a smooth finish. This Zin is dangerously delicious with an ABV of 13.5%.

A Charming Pinot – 2014

12509992_10208405761607525_947003684_oHello Prince Charming! This Pinot is exactly what you would expect after looking for your prince in the woods. We opened it and immediately smelled smoke and wood chips. The flavor was slightly spicy, smoked, mesquite, but fruity too. It was like smoked berries and red fruits.  The wine was bold and made us feel like we could puff out smoke after each sip #firebreathingdragon. If Prince Pinot smells like this, we are ALL over him. (13.5% ABV)


Kristen found both wines at a small local liquor store for $10.99 each. They can also be bought online from thewinebar.com. This website is also on the back of each bottle because the vineyard does not seem to have an official website of its own. So check it out! 12499164_10208405765327618_1654308072_o

See you soon!

Feature Banner Credit to thewinebar.com

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