Sweet Time, Sweet People: Sweet Baby Vineyard

A few weeks ago, the Half Past team took on New Hampshire in a day of winery hopping. Along this road we discovered Sweet Baby Vineyard, a small winery established in 2008 and located in Hampstead. With the help of a great Groupon deal, we took our time enjoying wine, cheese, and the great company of the winery’s energetic and sociable employees.


Sarah and Charene, our friendly pourers and Sweet Baby wine experts, greeted us at a small L-shaped bar. Between the two of us we were able to sample nearly all of their remaining wines, which were slightly depleted after a Thanksgiving rush. Thankfully their wines are sold in local liquor stores.

We even got to try out a non-official, delicious sangria recipe the team was working on – and, of course, get a copy of the recipe!

Sweet Baby Sangria:

2 bottles of their Amarone red wine

3/4 cup Flag Hill Apple Brandy

To Taste Orange Juice

1-2 cans of Sprite Zero

Sliced apples

Mix all of these ingredients together and let them sit together overnight– Enjoy!

** Charene also said that there are many great variations of this recipe. If you cannot find these specific ingredients try replacing the apple brandy with triple sec and the sprite zero with apple seltzer!

The wines have won several awards for their original and unique tastes. The fruit wines in particular boasted one-of-a-kind flavors. While these unique tastes didn’t turn out to be our favorites, we applaud the winery for their originality and interesting takes on traditional fruit wine flavors! We also must say that many are so well loved that the vineyard could not offer many of them for tasting because they sold out! We are eager to try the wines we missed like the popular Baby’s Blush, Apple Wine, Apple-cranberry wine, and Bartlett pear wine.

*Insider scoop* If you want to have the chance to taste the whole wine selection make sure to do so after a holiday or weeks before one. Their wine is popular and sells out fast! Get on it!


Our favorite wines from the day were the Pinot Grigio which, in the words of our wine expert Kristen, tasted like “a cool breeze on a summer day.” This white wine expressed flavors of pear and pineapple and was off-dry on the palate. It was certainly smooth and refreshing, and is recommended by the team!

We also enjoyed the Cabernet Sauvignon, with deep fruity flavors and a nice, long finish.  Although Cab Savs don’t tend to be our favorite, Sweet Baby produced one we’d definitely recommend!

The winery was hopping both with customers rushing in to redeem Groupon savings and visitors simply there for great wine and a fun experience. It was full of lively, happy customers, creating a fun and colorful experience in the small, quaint tasting room.

Our favorite part of the experience was the great staff. Although the wine and cheese were delicious, the day wouldn’t be complete without the friendly and charismatic workers, Charene and Sarah. We felt right at home at the tasting, and spent more time at this winery than we have any other tasting!


We definitely recommend Sweet Baby Vineyard to any New Englanders!

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