Award Winning Rosé: Mill River Winery

Looking for a sweet and calming way to start or end your day? Take a trip down to Mill River Winery, a quaint and rustic winery with well-priced wine tastings and – most importantly – an adorable black lab/pitbull mascot to greet you at the door.

Last week, the girls from Half Past Wine-O-Clock decided there’s nothing wrong with a wine tasting before work as they traveled to Mill River Winery in Rowley, MA. The winery is the perfect mixture of a nick-nack store and a wine tasting room, offering two experiences worthy of both short and longer visits.

The store was positively adorable, featuring several different sections including fall-themed drinks and wine-related trinkets, homemade pastas and jams and – of course – a great holiday display complete with wine-themed tacky sweaters and winter stocking stuffers.

However, our main interest was in the wine.

The wines were lined up on one wall, while the tasting bar featured a synthetic, uneven block of wood to add the rustic feel. For $7 each, we tasted two flights: the Mill River and Plum Island (the sweeter of the two).

You can see the color difference in the Mill River vs. Plum Island wines in both whites and reds:

Would you believe that pale white on the right is an unoaked Chardonnay, while the darker yellow is a Riesling? The reds feature their Petite Shiraz (left) and Plum Island Red (right). One is both visually lighter and physically sweeter than the other.

Our favorite had to be their very own award-winning rosé, from the Plum Island flight. It had enough body and flavor to stand on its own, yet was sweet enough that it still represented its rose genre well. After months of searching for a rosé, that was neither watered down or sickeningly sweet, this wine was the perfect match for us!


We look forward to the great things soon to come from this winery as well, especially the new wines soon-to-be-released with their very own, home-grown grapes! Check out the image below of their vines:


Kristen spotted these on our way in, and was very impressed.

Anyone local to the Northshore Massachusetts area is encouraged to check out Mill River Winery, if only to peek at the shop or try a taste of their Gold Medal Rosé!





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