Hallo-Wine: Costumes, Flavors, and Decorations

While nothing says fall like a pumpkin ale, there are plenty of ways for wine lovers to celebrate Halloween, too!  Whether it’s your costume, your flavor, or your party, we have ideas to add your favorite drink into the seasonal occasion.


1. The Pumpkin Cooler

pumpkin wine

Why cool your wine in a traditional cooler when you can put your bottles in a pumpkin? This Pinterest user has the step-by-step instructions on how to carve your pumpkin, fit a protective bowl inside (we don’t want pumpkin guts on our ice!), and fill it with ice before planting a few bottles inside.

2. Decorated Bottles

Why settle for a plain label when you could spruce yours up, Halloween-style? If you love crafts, these decorated bottles are sure to thrill your guests or – if you’re headed to another house – thrill your hosts. Check out the instructions at these crafty articles.


1. Sangria, sangria, sangria!

We made a post in the past about great autumnal wine flavors, with plenty of sangria recipes to satisfy any fall craving! From apple to pear, from pumpkin to pomegranate, these wine mixes are sure to please you and your friends’ pallates on the 31st!

2. Pick your bottles wisely!

There are plenty of wines with spooky, funky, or Halloween-themed labels. For instance, East Coast locals will recognize wine brands based around the Salem Witch Trials:


But even fantastical or eerie bottles could work as well:

File Jun 22, 4 03 34 PM


Even if you can’t find your perfect bottle, you can print your own spooky labels and decorate your bottle for the holiday!

3. Impress your guests with candy/wine pairings!

Who says you can’t have your candy with a glass of wine? If you pair your snacks with your sips, you can balance the flavors and avoid a sickeningly sweet sugar rush. Check out this graph (which can be found full-scale here) for your perfect Halloween pairings!



Who said you’re too old to indulge in a bit of holiday dress-up? And who said your costume can’t revolve around your love for wine? We certainly didn’t, and here are some funny ideas to consider when picking your Halloween attire!

1. You can literally dress as your favorite wine

Why not just cut to the chase and just own your favorite brand? Smack on a cork hat and wear your favorite label with pride. Better yet, get your friends to dress as their favorite varietals within any given brand, like this group below!


We even have a pic of Lady Gaga representing our favorite grapes:


2. Or, you could be a bit less literal

This couple basically agreed that if they were to have a child, it would be wine:

12196015_10153319446627991_543520427534622997_n (1)

3. Or you can wear your own costume and just sneak as many wine puns in as possible

We think Zooey Dechanel as an oenophile kitten is pretty hilarious:

tumblr_nurukdFQfl1tpri36o1_500 What are you doing for Halloween? How will you incorporate wine into your festivities? 

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