Our New Love: A Proper Gentlemen

We’re told chivalry is dead, but we’re certain proper gentlemen still exist. Our friend the “claret” treated our pallets right, at least, when we indulged in this adventurous red blend.

The wine suited our tastes both literally and figuratively. With a hefty whimsical monologue printed on the back of the bottle, the red spoke to both our love of wine and for telling stories. This eccentric character describes what a “proper claret” looks like by complaining of what it is not, crying:  We did not fight (and win!!) The War only to be served jammy, “fruit-forward” beverages at one’s Club, I’ll tell you that.

He goes on, then, to explain what a Proper Claret is:

Allow me a moment to edify you as to what constitutes “A Proper Claret,” inverted commas. It’s Cabernet Sauvignon-based, to be sure, but it’s proper, elegant Cabernet, not the semi-ubiquitous confec- ted/treacly stuff one might spread on bickies.4 But along with that, there are other bits–I can’t be bothered to remember them all–that fill things in; no gaps to mind, mind you. A Proper Claret brings order and focus to a meal as well as to a world that is in constant danger of, dare I say, changing. In conclusion, it is likely that it is only A Proper Claret that will keep the barbarous hordes at bay, and allow Civilization a modest prospect of some undoubtedly short-term continuity.

Strong words, our English friend! But thankfully, he lived up to his grandiose statements. The wine, full-bodied with just enough spice and tannins, pleased both of our pallets.

A claret, in simpler terms, is a famous English wine blend that is mean to mimic the French Bordeaux blends. However, our gentlemanly friend here comes from California, so this bottle’s flavors will be different than a traditional claret from England. The bottle’s monologue mascot could fool anyone who doesn’t take a closer look!

12167691_923433871077999_207973586_nAlthough the bottle is an average 13% alcohol, it got both of us a bit giggly rather quickly. We’d recommend serving it with a meal, as the wine is intended, rather than with taco dip and a screening of Mean Girls (no regrets, though).

At Whole Foods, we purchased the wine for $9.99, which we agree was a fair price.

We both rated it a 5, giving it a perfect score! We’d definitely spend a night with the Proper Claret again!

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