Welcome to Autumn! Wine Cocktails edition

Happy Fall everyone!

In celebration of the changing leaves and not-so-slowly dropping temperatures, we would love to share some creative seasonal wine drinks that we have discovered on our way. With the help of our friends at Pinterest, we also have some recipe links!

Let’s start with the obvious flavor of the season – Apples 

After you have gone through your local apple orchards and chosen only the best little red, green, or yellow bundles of joy that you could get your hands on, you may realize that you have picked far too many apples to eat in one week. Never fear; apple wine drinks are here!

For bubble lovers:

For Sweet apple lovers:

Moving on to the flavor craze of the season – Pumpkin Spice 

We know the “Pumpkin Spice” craze can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes overly sweet or spicy. So cruise past those pumpkin coffee signs and go straight to the liquor store for these pumpkin drinks that are worth the craze.

Don’t forget the forgotten fall flavors- Pear and Pomegranate 

These fall fruits are also at their perfect harvest season but tend to be majorly overshadowed by the apple and pumpkin. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your forgotten fruits!

Or make your own!

Finally, we have desssert – Chocolate 

For those of you who remember our wine pairing post, chocolate (darker the better) pairs wonderfully with deep red wines. So warm yourselves up with these recipes!

Let us know which recipes you try and send us some pictures! We’d love to see what Fall combinations are making in to your glass!


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