The wine game you MUST play!

THIS is ZinZig -The Wine Edition- 

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and this is game you must play with your friends or family!

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It’s simple: All you need is at least 2 – 3 players and 2 – 3 bottles of wine. You can make this game as challenging or as easy as you like. It all depends of the wine you choose.

Study those bottles! What vineyards are the from? Do they have a vintage? Where in the world are they produced? What is the variety of grape(s) in the wine? Try your best to remember everything on the label. Remember the flavor! Yes, you need to open and have a few sips of each wine before starting the game.

Do you know absolutely nothing about wine? DON’T WORRY! The game provides booklets of information on grape varieties, wine characteristics, wine terms, tasting notes, and the most common red and white wines. So you don’t need to be a wine genius to play the game. We promise!

So I have my willing participants and my bottles of wine. What’s next?

Simply pick a winemaker and start on a vineyard of your choice. It’s your new home.

Photo Oct 01, 10 57 36 AM

Now slide those wine bottles into those red silk wine bags (that come with the game) and make your way around the board by taking turns rolling the die. On each space you will answer a trivia question about the wine industry in general or about one of the wines you have chosen to play with. Get the question right and you will usually win a resource card. Get the question wrong and you may lose a resource card or just plain lose that round.

You need one of each resource card to win the game. You must have one Cork Card, one Barrel Card, one Bottle Card, and one Grape card. Once you have one of each proceed to the center of the board.

Photo Oct 01, 10 57 24 AM

Here you will see the 4 stages of wine production. You only move through the stages if you answer the trivia correctly. Once you answer 4 trivia questions right you WIN!

The Half Past Team beta tested the game for all of you and we discovered even more fun aspects of the game.

*insider scoop* there are even spots on the board where all you have to do is “Sip and Savor” whatever wine is in your glass. No trivia required! We all agree that the game is fun, educational, and the learning booklets that come with game are WONDERFUL for beginners!

Photo Oct 01, 10 57 20 AM

Now that we’ve got you all pumped to play, Where do you purchase this game?

We stumbled upon the game one day when our Selective Contributor Demi took us for a shopping spree at the Merrimack Outlets in NH. They have a store called The Winemakers Kitchen and the game was waiting right inside the door. For those of you who don’t want to drive to NH, we found the board game for cheaper on Click Here!

Also, a simple google search of the term ‘ZinZig’ will provide many other online sellers of the game.

So put on your thinking caps and get your buzz on fellow winers!

Happy Sipping!!

p.s. send us some pictures or comments of you playing the game!

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