Chardonnay, Minus the “Butter”

Our team isn’t a huge fan of what wine critics call the “buttery” taste of many chardonnays. This “buttery” taste is caused when the wine is left for a long time in oak barrels. However, we were determined to find a Chardonnay we could all enjoy that maintained its body without that taste and feeling we didn’t exactly love. 12048502_915268701894516_639884107_n

How to do that? Knowing that we typically prefer Southern Hemisphere wines and that wines from these regions tend to be fruitier and/or pack a bit more punch to the taste, we grabbed a South Australian Chardonnay from Whole Foods. To make things even better, this wine – Steeple Jack – is unwooded, meaning that it was aged in stainless steel drums, not the standard oak barrels that give the buttery taste.

12080724_915268671894519_1425015211_nFrom a family owned vineyard, the wine boasts of its fruitful tastes on the back of the bottle. It lived up to expectation, pleasing our palates with hints of peaches and citrus.

What do you think of the “buttery” taste of Chardonnay? 

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