A Writer’s Red: Belle Ambiance

Everyone has a process to their work, a little quirk or habit that keeps them going. But few would recommend the wine and work could go together. Unless, of course, you were our Editor-in-Chief, Briana.

This past year, Briana discovered Belle Ambiance at a Parks and Rec-themed Galentine’s Day party. She immediately fell in love with the mid-bodied, fruity pinot noir and adopted it into her writing practice for her thesis.

12048463_909784629109590_1965325382_nWhy, you ask, would someone use a glass or two of red to keep them writing? Well, it’s actually scientifically true that beginning a project with a bit of a buzz, and finishing it up with some coffee to finish, is a good process. This allows creativity to flow without anxiety or inhibition during the drafting of a project, but for the critical, acute mind to fully revise and complete it the next day. We definitely don’t advise getting drunk while working, but a glass or two can’t hurt.

Belle Ambiance became Briana’s go-to thesis wine, but after moving back from college she has been unable to find it. Local store clerks would ask, “Bella what now?” when she requested a bottle.

But as always, Whole Foods’ wine section pulled through! She was able to bring home a bottle of the red for $8.99 and share it with Wine Expert Kristen and Content Developer Paula!

Despite its French name, Belle Ambiance is a Californian wine. Slightly aged, the wine is medium-12025309_909784622442924_2029891005_nbodied with deep, fruit aromas and flavors of plum and cherry. It offers a balanced acidity, leaving a sweetness resting on the palate after each sip. At around 13.5% alcohol content, a glass or two is sure to give a sweet buzz. Although the team can only attest to the Pinot Noir, Briana also highly recommends the vineyard’s red blend.

Briana: 5

Kristen: 4.5

Paula: 4.5

Average: 4.7

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