Alfalfa Farm Winery – History comes to Life

Photo Aug 16, 1 46 00 PM

On the hunt for local wine gems, my parents and I (Kristen) stumbled across this small winery in Topsfield MA. Located quite literally next to route 1, Alfalfa Farm Winery is a beautiful 10 acres of historic farm property. Hoping to work with nature, the owners chose to grow four varieties of  French- American hybrid grapes that are known to thrive in New England type climates: Marechal Foch, Seyval Blanc, Aurore, and Léon Millot. Their wines have won many awards from local and international competitions. You may have even seen their wines at events like the Topsfield Fair and “The Big E.”

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Wine Tasting:

Their wine tasting times change per season. In the Summer they are open Saturdays from 1 to 5pm  and in the fall tastings are Saturdays AND Sundays from 1 to 5pm. We happened upon their “Green Harvest Festival” last week which included wine tasting with souvenir wine glasses, live music entertainment, cork crafts that were available for purchase, and wine tours of the property. We paid 10 dollars (tastings are usually $6)  for 5 tasting tickets and a tour of the property. The wines available for tasting do change often based on demand and which wines were produced each season. My family’s favorite was the local made blueberry wine and the winery’s homemade Sangria. Although my personal favorite was the Silo White Wine for its slightly sweet almost crisp Riesling like flavor. All of their wines however had great body and incredibly diverse flavors. I highly suggest stopping in to try the selection!

p.s. Mom loved the sangria so much that she used most of her five wine tasting tickets on it and took the recipe home.

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Events and Opportunities:

Alfalfa Farm prides itself on community involvement and its long history. In accordance with these ideals, the winery has a whole calendar of fun events for the public like their Harvest Festival in October, Crafts & Cranberries in November, and their Customer Appreciation Day at the end of every season. Not only do they want their customers to feel comfortable but they encourage participation in their wine production through their volunteer list. Volunteers help with every step in the wine process from pruning the vines, to harvesting, to pressing the grapes, bottling, and labeling. It’s an amazing opportunity for wine lovers to better understand the wine process!  Alfalfa farm even offers internships to students who wish to learn more about the wine industry. So if you are interested, saddle up to get your hands dirty!  Reach out to the winery’s website for more details and to join the email list.

My Review

I was so impressed by this winery’s staff. It’s a family run business with incredibly dedicated and friendly employees. They didn’t seem to mind me asking a million questions or taking just as many pictures. They made us feel right at home and their wine tour was filled with information about the winery’s history, their wine process, and the scenery around their property is breathtaking in the summer. It has the most adorable old barns from the revolutionary war era that are mixed with modern wine making technology. I loved how much pride they took in hand labeling and corking every bottle. It was the real definition of “Handmade.” Please stop by and help support this amazing local wine stop!

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