Six Hats: A Spicy Wine

Completing our first round of the Pamplemousse local wine club, we tried out Six Hats, a dangerously spicy and boozy wine11872820_892299377524782_79400050_n from South African. It’s a Shiraz, but don’t be fooled: this is no pre-dinner drink. This red packs a punch and demands the right food pairing to bring out its best flavors…and to save you from a premature buzz.

We made the mistake of trying this Fair Trade wine without food. The spicy zing startled both Kristen and I. By the time the landscapers needed us to move our wine party inside, we wondered, can we successfully move all this while pretending we’re totally sober? We shelved the wine for the rest of the day, it’s 14.5% alcohol content and strong flavors a bit too much for our casual afternoon get-together.

11900659_892299447524775_622132166_oWe gave the wine a second try, though, and it worked out much better. We paired the wine with some fresh BBQ, including steak tips, salmon, and grilled zucchini. The spicy burn to the palate was lightened by the meats, sauce, and charred flavors. This allowed the natural taste of the grapes to come through, and we experienced some of its fruity tastes. Still, even with a good meal, be warned of the alcohol content – it’s a bit higher than your standard wine.

Kristen: 3

Briana: 2

Average Rating: 2.5


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