How Ros(é) Can you Go?

A few days ago, we had an epic Rosé showdown between two wines we found at our favorite local wine store, Pamplemousse. One wine, La Cuvée des Annibals, was selected by a helpful worker. In an odd pitch, he insisted we should buy it because he didn’t like it. “It was too sweet,” he said, “but if you prefer sweet wines, it’s perfect for you.” Paula, who is newer to wine, was especially excited by the word sweet. Kristen decided to select Buttonwood, a Syrah Rosé wine that included her favorite grape. As you can see in the picture below, there was a visual disparity that revealed which of the two was the sweeter rosé. Both, however, featured appealing bottle design, which we warned about in this previous post. 11651035_10207137044610393_1755615613_n Despite the color and design of our cute elephant wine, it is based in California and merely mimics French labeling and style. Either way, it wasn’t as sweet as advertised. Rather, it tasted a bit like…water. At least, enough that we ended up feeding more of it to the bushes than to ourselves. All three of us found it to be flavorless, and Kristen couldn’t even justify using it for cooking. On the other hand, the Buttonwood had a bit more flavor. We could taste the fruity Syrah flavor and appreciated the medium-light body of the wine. This Rose had a smooth finish that left the aftertaste of red fruits like berries and red apples. It was refreshing and tangy which made it a great summer heat pairing. rose-wheel This wine adventure revealed to us that we as a group prefer wines that have distinguishable body and stronger flavors. Lighter Rosés are definitely someone else’s cup of tea, but Kristen is a strong believer that a wine can be great if paired with the right food. Perhaps all we needed was tasting snacks with our lighter elephant wine but for now, we are definitely leaning towards a wine that has something to say.

Kristen: 1

Briana: 1

Paula: 1

Average rating: 1


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