Chicken Wine and Caprese Salad

11778014_10207289298336641_1985298622_nNo, not chicken, wine, and caprese salad. Chicken Wine as in Gorgorito, a white wine from Northern Spain…with caprese salad.

This Spanish wine brings an unexpected kick to it. Citric and acidic, this Verdejo wine is the unexpected marriage of melon, citric flavors and…apple. It tastes like the days between the end of summer and start of fall, like the conflict between pouring a glass of lemonade or apple cider.

But that’s what we loved about it. The wine was unexpected but deliciously fun on the pallet, especially when we paired it with a caprese salad with pepperoni to bring the wine’s flavors to life.


Part of our Pamplemousse wine club selection, this white was oddly described as having “pool water aromas.” We didn’t pick up on any chlorine or sunscreen, but don’t think the writers intended this as an insult (somehow). However, this rhetorical disparity reflects our overall feeling to the wine as a group: we couldn’t necessarily agree on its value, although none of us disliked it entirely. Paula’s rating may have been even lower had it not been for our spiced caprese salad!

Check out our ratings below!11774577_10207289294856554_1286385870_n

Kristen: 4

Briana: 4

Paula: 3

Overall: 3.7

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