12 Things Any Young Wine-Lover Relates To

Happy Friday fellow winers! We’re looking forward to finally getting our hands on a bottle of wine this weekend. In the meantime, we’re left to soberly reflect on the hilarious struggles of being a young wine-lover.

If you’re college-aged and just getting into wine, we can relate to your struggle – and so can these hilarious moments from pop culture!

So we all know wines are overpriced because restaurants assume we don’t know what’s what. We’re definitely getting better at spotting the worth of a wine, but in the meantime we might need to get some corners and go right for the most, er, economic listing.

Who says we aren’t putting our degrees to use? If there’s two things we learned in college, it’s how to drink and how to deal with the bizzarro people in our lives.

Hope you didn’t think we were sharing! As a broke, desperate 20-something, there’s nothing worse than someone inviting themselves to a glass of your wine. Most bottles are for sharing…but let’s be real, we have one personal bottle on hand at all times.

Do we even need to say anything about this one?

Guests better appreciate the financial efforts we’ve put in to getting wine! That’s $6 I could have spent on two coffees…or 1/8 tank of gas…or a cute sale item…or toward that impending, terrifying educational debt…

We all had that one friend in college who knows how to pour a real glass!

If you have the right friends, you shouldn’t even have to ask!

tumblr_n28kcudwPr1s55rl4o1_400 wine gif

We’ve all had nights when exam study guides start to look like ancient Latin…

tumblr_n2365hljkv1ql5yr7o1_500 break up gif

We know exactly how to coach a sister through a breakup.


We know how to pair wine with foods we can actually afford…


We know how to befriend dorm and apartment neighbors fast.


And like fine wine, our friendships and wine expertise just improve with age!

Enjoy your weekend and pour an extra glass for us!

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