Living in Zin

Is day drinking really a sin? After a summer day on the deck sipping Zinfadel, we’d have to say no.

File Jun 22, 4 03 34 PM

Paula and I managed to get buzzed off one glass of this wine while our wine expert, Kristen, soberly appreciated its complimentary taste to our meal which was, as usual, pizza (we really need to branch out- sorry, Itailan blood!). The zin complimented the pepperoni, the two spiced flavors playing off one another nicely on our pallets. The wine had a deep yet fruity aspect to it as well, mirroring a classic pinot noir. This Zin produced a spicy reaction! Does anyone remember watching Big Hero 6 and seeing Hiro’s and Baymax’s fist bump with a falalaalalala finger wiggle afterwards? Yea, that’s what your tongue feels like.

Enjoying the warmth of the outdoors, we researched the vineyard that produced this wine, which we’d purchased on a whim because we’re suckers for bad puns. This wine is produced by Micheal David Vineyard in CA. They produce many wines themed around the bible with bottles named Gluttony, Lust, Rapture, and Sloth. The owners, brothers Michael and David, attribute this theme to their Catholic School upbringing. Their website offers a little more information about the wine, listing that it is a blend of Zinfandel and Petite Sirah, the date it was bottled, PH value, its price, and other specs.

Kristen LOVED the spicy red pepper and pepperoni pairing with Seven Deadly Zins.  She did some research into further food pairings and ended up stumbling upon which provided an amazing food pairings list, information about CA and the Zinfandel grape, awards that this wine has won, and even ratings from other wine experts. We highly recommend that you check it out. We have yet to order any wine from the site, so with anything on the internet, we recommend caution and research before you buy from Haskells but their information is wonderful!

Kristen’s food pairing recommendations:

1) Almost anything on your summer BBQ’s (the wine will intensify that smoky charcoal flavor)

2) Tomato based foods (Like Eggplant Parmesan or Spaghetti Bolognese)

3) Snack Time with Black (dark red) grapes, sharp cheeses like Cheddar or Gouda, and spicy Italian cold cuts like Hot Soppressata or salami

4) of course, don’t forget the Pizza (with hot sausage or pepperoni!

We give this wine the follow ratings: (1-5)

1 – I’d rather have water

2 – Not for me but maybe someone else

3 –  I enjoyed it but probably wouldn’t buy it again

4 – Pass me a glass!


Paula: 3.5

Briana: 4

Kristen: 4

Average rate of: 3.8

Here’s to spicing up your palate!! Like pop rocks and cinnamon had a baby…..

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